"Together with my colleagues, Albert and Winston, we ran a fast efficient operation. "
Edward, Non-Faceless Vehicels

Albert is a red tank engine who worked on the Furness Railway with Edward and Winston.


Back at the Furness Railway days, Albert worked with Edward and Winston and ran a fast efficient operation on the Furness Railway, with Albert acting as not only Dalton's station pilot, but also running a small branch line that housed a coal mine.

During the months leading up to the line's closure in 1907, Albert was shunting in the yard, and being rather careless due to being angry after an argument he had with his colleagues. As he moved some trucks through a goods shed in the yard; a crate on the other side fell over onto the tracks and smashed to pieces. Albert, who had seen this, braked hard, but the trucks hit some of the debris, derailed and rammed into the legs of a nearby crane. The legs were damaged by the impact, and Albert, along with some workmen, managed to get clear right before the crane fell over onto a fuel tank which exploded. This action virtually crippled the FR's finances to the point where it closed. Albert would then be sold to the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway which in 1923, would merge into the Southern railway.


Albert is painted in the Furness Railway's Indian Red livery with black lining and the initials "FR" written in yellow and countershaded with blue on his side tanks.


Albert was first built as an E1 class, an 'off the peg' Sharp, Stewart and Company 2-4-0 design. In 1891 seven of these engines were rebuilt as tank engines under the supervision of Locomotive Superintendent Richard Mason and reclassified J1. To suit branch line service the frames were extended to carry a coal bunker, supported by a pair of trailing radial wheels while their tenders were replaced with side tanks, that combined had a capacity of one thousand gallons. The class members were withdrawn between 1918-1924. None have been preserved.


  • Albert is named after the husband of the British Empire's Queen Victoria.
  • Albert is age 67 in The Stories of Sodor.


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