"Good afternoon gentlemen, I'm Alice, your temporary Express engine!"
— Alice introduction, Visitor

Alice is a GNR Class C1 tender engine who pulls Express passenger trains in London.


She was bought as a replacement when Gordon was in the works. After she met Thomas and Eric, She then recognize Henry and talked with him as she knows him, but James made fun of them. She is really kind with everyone and did work with a smile. She was surprised when Toby spoke Spanish, when she asked Toby, before he could answer Mr. Star showed up.


Alice is kind, kindhearted and always keen to help a friend in need. She can pull her own weight unlike her siblings in London.


Alice is painted in LNER light green with gold linings. The number 288 is painted on her cabs in gold and G N R is painted on her tender in gold.


Alice is based on the large-boiler variant of the GNR Class C1 #251, built in 1902. This is the only engine of its kind to be preserved.


  • In the episode Visitor, Edward said that she was friendly to all engines but in the episode Inspection, she was seen having a rivalry with the Midi's.
  • After the episode Inspection, Alice has disappeared from the Island.
  • Alice is age 37 in The Stories of Sodor.


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