Busters is the 5th Sodor Short.


When Arthur's Ghost pops up again; Thomas and Percy call in Edward, Toby, Diesel, and Lily to try and get rid of him; with ultimately chaotic results.



  • This is the first appearance of the "hashtag" running gag where a character would make a comment; following it up with a hashtag related to the current situation, in this short's case "#Shameonyou"
  • A Reference to Thomas The Tank Engine Popular myth "Timothy the Ghost Engine" is mentioned.
  • The fourth wall is broken on multiple occasions in this short, notable examples include:
    • Thomas commenting on how people in the YouTube comments would come up with some sex scenario involving one of the engines and Black Widow of Marvel Comics.
    • Edward mentioning how Diesel used a gun to ultimately solve the problem in the last video.
      • That last video being Sodor Short: Monster
    • Lily expanding on the afformentioned last video, asking if Thomas and Percy were ghosts themselves since they got killed in the last video.
    • Thomas directly speaking to Victor, asking to remove himself and Percy from the video, which he complies.
      • This being the first time that Victor Tanzig has shown himself in person as opposed to either speaking to the audience through Edward in his Greetings and Salutation series, or as his OC in said series that was first featured in Greetings and Salutations #16.
    • Towards the end, when Lily asks Edward if she should even bother asking how and why the ghost sent them to Australia, Edward says to "Let the viewers speculate. They're more imaginative than either of us."
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