"Despite his appearance, The Midis numberless engine is not in fact a BR class 08 diesel."
Edward, Sting

Diesel (real name Bruce) is a naughty prototype diesel engine for the Midis, and the first diesel engine to arrive on Sodor.


Diesel was built in 1931 as a Paxton V1 experimental unit by the London, Midland, & Scottish Railway to test the viability of diesel powered propulsion. While he was working on the mainland, Duck had taught him how to shunt and gave him advice. He became very boastful and hoped that the LMS would start building more of him. However, after he had broken down, he was simply far too ahead of his time and in that same year, he was bought by the LMS on the Island of Sodor. According to Adam, Diesel was still very antagonistic towards the steam engines, but the Midis and Nor'easters helped him change his opinions. There, he made a lot of tricks on the London and North Eastern Railway, like when he pushed Coleen at the back of Percy's Duchess's goods so he, Douglas and Adam take it but they were revealed by Duck and Mr. Zorro punished him and the others.


Diesel is devious, scheming and full of ideas to get revenge. He views himself and any other Midi as highly above the LNER. However despite his antics, Diesel still wants to prove himself to be a really useful engine and has some good in him, even if he is a little reluctant to show it at times. He is also very proud to be the only one of his class and the first diesel on Sodor.


Diesel is painted in the British Railways' black livery. His livery originates from British Railways in the 1950s, during the time when all shunting engines were painted black. His side rods are black.


Diesel is based on a BR Class 08. Over seventy members of this class survive today in preservation, while around 100 remain in service on the national rail network. They were, in fact, the most successful shunting engines in the world, with 996 of them built. In Victor Tanzig series he is a Paxton V1 Diesel which does not exist in real life. Though there was a real locomotive that looked similar to Diesel, a British Rail Class D3/7 built in 1930s by the LMS.


  • Diesel is presented as Zorran from Tugs.
  • It's revealed in Diesel that his real name is Bruce.
  • Despite what many think, Diesel is not a BR Class 08 Shunter, but rather an experimental prototype that strongly resembles it.
    • However, the BR Class 08 Shunter was developed FROM him, NOT the other way round.


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