Pets is the 52nd Sodor Short.


The short begins with Thomas and Edward bawling because the former had a run-in with Farmer McColl and he had kicked his ass. Gordon is outraged and decides to take immediate action, with the added bonus of giving his new pet some exercise.

The three engines meet up with Farmer McColl and Gordon demands that McColl apologise to Thomas. McColl doesn't want to apologise, so Gordon brings out his pet gorilla who promptly beats up McColl.

Later, Edward is talking to Salty, Duck and Diesel about the event and their pets when Eric excitedly arrives and eagerly introduces the engines to his new pet, Sprinkles, a tyrannosaurus. Eric mentions Whiff had made Sprinkles, but doesn't exactly know how he did so. Suddenly, Sprinkles runs over towards the preschool.

Later, Edward is talking to Henry, James and Percy about as much as what happened up to that point. James wants Henry to move out of the shed, but the latter wants the former to move his bees from inside the shed, but James protests the bees like the warmth, and Henry protests his pet elephant, Nelly, likes the privacy. Percy mentions he got a new pet, since his old pet, Sniggles, had been shot by Edward after one of his trains had ran Sniggles over after Sniggles got hit by Edward's driver's car after Sniggles had been mauled by Edward's fireman's dog, but before Edward can finish he decides to quit while he's behind. Presently, Percy's new pet arrives: A tiger. Percy reveals he had got the tiger from an American conservationist woman named Carole Baskin who was apparently desperate to get rid of him, but before Percy can find out why, Edward, Henry and James have left and police sirens are heard.


  • Edward
  • Thomas
  • Gordon
  • Salty
  • Duck
  • Diesel
  • Eric
  • Henry
  • James
  • Percy
  • Whiff (mentioned)
  • Farmer McColl
  • Edward's Driver (mentioned)
  • Edward's Fireman (mentioned)
  • Carole Baskin (mentioned)
  • Chesterfield
  • Polly
  • Sprinkles
  • Percy's new Tiger
  • Tigger (does not speak)
  • Nelly (does not speak)
  • James's bees (do not speak)
  • Duck's Duck (mentioned)
  • Diesel's Weasel (mentioned)
  • Sniggles (mentioned)
  • Edward's Fireman's dog (mentioned)
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