Rap is the 14th Sodor Short.


Diesel: So finally our rivalry has come to this.

Diesel: Better brace yourself, Duck, for a mighty dis!

Diesel: I can tell you right now.

Diesel: You’ll come unstuck.

Diesel: You’ll fall to pieces...

Diesel:...Like a certain truck!

Diesel: What kind of an engine prefer to go by the name of a bird?

Diesel: That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!

Diesel: How do like that!

Diesel: A few short lines and I own this rap.

Diesel: You might as well just...shut...your...trap!

Duck: I'll do no such thing!

Duck: I'll happily sing!

Duck: Don‘t get me yet you big black weasel.

Duck: My spirits soaring higher than evil kneivel!

Duck: You mock me for my name?

Duck: That's so lame!

Duck: At least I have one.

Duck: Nay, I have two:

Duck: Duck and Montague.

Duck: Yes, I much rather the former for they say I waddle.

Duck: That's so much better than being known as pure trouble!

Diesel: Oh, yeah?

Diesel: Then let's kick this in gear.

Diesel: I've had to suffer you year after year!

Diesel: You prance about Sodor like you own the place.

Diesel: Always gettin' up in an engine's space.

Diesel: "Great Western" this.

Diesel: "Great Western" that.

Diesel: Just shut it already you Great Western prat!

Duck: I'm proud to be Great Western and rightly so.

Duck: Ours is a legacy that's hardly hollow.

Duck: Gold and green for all to see.

Duck: The show's become a hit thanks largely to me.

Duck: I pull in the crowds.

Duck: You scare them away.

Duck: For no one cares about an engine built by British Railways!

Diesel: Too bad for you the BR didn't agree.

Diesel: That's why they built 996 of me!

Diesel: The most ubiquitous class in railway history.

Diesel: Hardly surprising. We are revo lution ary!

Duck: Oh. If you're revo-thing-a-gummy...

Duck: You know what? It's quicker to say, "Your a dummy!"

Duck: "Fetch some trucks." That's what I said.

Duck: You decided to get them caught in the trackbed!

Duck: Backwards and forwards you bumped them so hard.

Duck: Then came a song that echoed through the yard:

Trucks: Trucks are waiting in the yard,

Trucks: Tackling them with ease'll.

Trucks: "Show the world what I can do."

Trucks: Gaily boasts the Diesel.

Trucks: In and out he creeps about,

Trucks: like a big black weasel.

Trucks: When he pulls the wrong trucks out--Pop goes the Diesel!

Diesel: It's all your fault. You made them laugh at me!

Diesel: But I guess I should thank you for this infamy.

Diesel: It's such a joy to be known as Sodor's original bad boy.

Diesel: The one who got you sent away seemingly inside of a day.

Diesel: On Edward's branch line, you tried to be brave.

Diesel: Did I here someone say "A Close Shave"?

Duck: You sent me away because you were envious.

Duck: No wonder your name begins with "devious".

Duck: Lest we forget your plot was exposed.

Duck: Then Sir Topham told you to hit the road.

Duck: That he invited you back is completely insane.

Duck: Oh, what a surprise. "Diesel Does It Again"!

Duck: You were rude to Percy. You were rude to me.

Duck: China clay in the sea? Oh, what irony!

Diesel: Your relevance is over. Someone should've told ya.

Diesel: You no longer forward the plot.

Diesel: More often than not.

Diesel: You cause it to stop.

Diesel: Shameless fan service, that's what you've become.

Diesel: They'll write you out of the show before it's done.

Diesel: Seriously. What would it matter if they sent you packing?

Diesel: Everyone would probably say, "Oh that's just smashing!"

Duck: Beg pardon, Diesel but I think you're wrong.

Duck: Mine is a fanbase many million strong.

Duck: I may be numbered eight, but to them I'm number one.

Duck: What's your digit again? Oh, that's right. It's less than none.

Duck: I'm done wasting my breath. I've nothing more to say. Except you've been owned

Duck: the Great Western WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!



  • This Episode is Based on the channel "Epic Rap Battles of History"
  • Terrier55Stepney also made a video about Epic Rap Battles of Railways
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