Season 1 is the very first season of Stories of Sodor. It consists of 15 episodes.

The season premiered on January 20, 2017.

Plot overview

The first season focuses on the lives of the engines of Sodor during The Great Depression in the 1930s; the season premiere begins in 1934, and the finale ends it in 1938. It takes place after the passing of the Railways Act in 1921, which amalgamated the majority of Britain's rail operating contracts, and therefore the rail companies, to the "Big Four". This leads to 2 different railway companies, The London and North Eastern Railway, & The London, Midland, and Scottish Railway competing for the supremacy of Sodor's various freight and passenger services. The events are told from the perspective of one of the North Western Railway's oldest engines, Edward.


Screenshot Title Written By Release Date Episode Number #
Percy Percy Victor Tanzig January 20th, 2017 #01
The Nor'easters receive a new recruit and the Midi's scheme to steal a contract from their rivals.
Legality Legality Victor Tanzig January 27th, 2017 #02
After Thomas has a run-in with a police officer near the quarry, Mr Starr has his engines trained in the legal aspects of railway operations.
Fire Fire Victor Tanzig February 3rd, 2017 #03
James' recklessness results in a fire and the Midi's almost burn down the yard at Wellsworth.
Passengers Passengers Victor Tanzig February 10th, 2017 #04
Gordon and James each suffer a setback with the express, which causes great damage to the Nor'easters public image.
Goods Goods Victor Tanzig February 17th, 2017 #05
Henry has always been the primary goods engine on Sodor. But when the Midis' new engine takes that away from him, the Nor'easters are forced to get a new recruit.
BranchLines Branch Lines Victor Tanzig March 5th, 2017 #06
Eric's arrival, while a great benefit to the Nor'easters, was not without problems and Diesel has an accident at Brendam.
Mainline Mainline Victor Tanzig March 6th, 2017 #07
Toby applies a unique skill of his to help out the Midis while Edward meets a certain clergyman for the first time.
Scrap Scrap Victor Tanzig March 10th, 2017 #08
Edward attempts to help an old friend while the rest of the Nor'easters struggle through their assignments.
Ghost Ghost Victor Tanzig March 17th, 2017 #09
A supernatural force appears on Sodor, threatening the well-being of the engines and the island as a whole.
Cows Cows Victor Tanzig March 24th, 2017 #10
The engines of Sodor have a couple of run-ins with some cows and a bull.
Quarantine Quarantine Victor Tanzig March 31st, 2017 #11
An outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease wreaks havoc on Sodor's livestock, forcing the institution of strict quarantine. Meanwhile, Toby faces an uncertain future because of his age.
Carriages Carriages Victor Tanzig April 7th, 2017 #12
Trucks and coaches are essential to a railway's success, but that's not to say they don't come with their own set of problems.
Sting Sting Victor Tanzig April 14th, 2017 #13
A couple of new engines come to Sodor, one of whom starts to cause trouble, forcing Constable Joey to take action.
Jinxed Jinxed Victor Tanzig April 21st, 2017 #14
The Mid-Sodor Railway experiences a run of bad luck following the arrival of a new engine.
Luck Luck Victor Tanzig April 28th, 2017 #15
Toby gifts the Mid-Sodor Railway engines with a lamp that has a history of bringing good luck.



  • This season takes place from 1934 to 1938.
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